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Setool Gold 24k ( Incl. Omnikey reader and 18 Cabl

$ 135

Delivery Time
1.00 Kg

SE Tool 3 Box is a reliable unlock / flash / repair solution for Sony Ericsson, LG and Sharp cell phones.

SE Tool 3 Box activated with v.1.107 brings the same functionality as SE Tool 3 along with A2 CID26 phones support (s5320 at the moment). SE Tool Box 3 provides the user with A2 DB3150, DB3200, db3210 emptyboard fill support.*

SE Tool v1.107 activation ensures that the user will be able to use the latest SE Tool 3 updates and new support area.

*User needs special cable in order to write OTP chip successfully; +7.5v should be applied to DCIO (charger pin, pin 12).


$ 99

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